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UPHEALTH is a Canadian founded, owned and operated fully verticalized multi-condition direct-to-patient healthcare platform. Our mission is to leverage technology to connect individuals directly with licensed Canadian physicians and pharmacists, while offering the highest quality health products in the country.
UPHEALTH already powers a suite of direct-to-patient online platforms and is continually exploring new and better ways to improve the health and wellness of all Canadians.
The Future of Healthcare, Today.
Digital Health Platform for Men
Men don’t always do the best job of taking care of their health. They might act tough, but the truth is men often forgo visiting the doctor out of embarrassment, shame, or laziness. That’s why UPGUYS makes it easy for Canadian men to connect with a licensed physician, obtain a prescription (if appropriate), have their prescription filled, and have it shipped directly to the patient without ever having to leave home. We’re all better off when men take care of their own health. And we’re here to be a partner in that journey.
Digital Health Platform for Women
Women’s health is a topic that will never get enough attention. Women want and deserve to be heard, understood and supported. Above all, they are looking for solutions in order to feel more happy, healthy and confident in their own skin. Everbliss provides easy access to expert physicians for women looking for a judgement-free, completely secure medical consultation. If appropriate, prescriptions are issued, filled, and shipped directly to the patient without ever having to leave their own home.
Digital Health Platform
for Prescriptions
Technology has already allowed us to bank, shop and live smarter. UPRX wants every single Canadian to think and feel the same way about their pharmacy. We’ve created a digital space that couples the efficiencies of modern day logistics and technology with the human touch of a pharmacy in order to deliver on the individual needs of patients. Smart fulfillment combined with secure and convenient communication channels between pharmacists and patients is raising the bar for patient care and user experience. This is the new standard for pharmacies in Canada.
Digital Health Platform
for All Patient Needs
We believe there’s no reason why access to healthcare professionals shouldn’t be fast, easy and reliable. Stickhandling between different provincial health authorities is a challenge, but we made it our mission to create a platform that does all the hard work, letting patients focus on what matters most: their health. UPCLINIC gathers groups of passionate and compassionate medical practitioners and physicians who put the patient at the centre of their work. One thing is clear for this group of experts: the needs of the patient matter most, and the right technology will allow everyone to benefit from superior medical care.
What is UPHEALTH all about?
Discreet, fast, high-quality medical care and customer service whenever you need it.
No judgment.
No waiting rooms.
No more lines.
No awkward conversations.
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UPHEALTH’s mission is to redefine how Canadians experience healthcare, raising their expectations and delivering on them one patient at a time.
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We’re changing the face of healthcare in Canada, one patient at a time.
The People Behind UPHEALTH
Mat Rezai, Pharm. D, RPh
Chief Executive Officer
Ramin Behzadi
Chief Strategy Officer
Mohsen Zargaran
Chief Operating Officer
Andre Liem
Chief Technical Officer
Tara Behzadi
Care Team Lead
Zia Somjee
Head of Design
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